The tabletop game creator Exploding Kittens has relaunched the fast-paced card game Happy Salmon, which it recently acquired from North Star Games.

Designed by Quentin Weir and game developer Ken Gruhl, who has since joined the Exploding Kittens team as a senior game designer, Happy Salmon has been re-released with an Exploding Kittens twist, featuring completely new artwork and an updated look.

Elan Lee, co-creator and CEO of Exploding Kittens, said: “Happy Salmon is a perfect example of the types of games that Exploding Kittens is looking to acquire. As a company that also started small, our goal is to continue working with other brilliant game designers so we can take their creations to the next level.”

Voted one of the best games of the year by The Toy Insider, Happy Salmon is a 90-second game that everyone will play for hours. In this loud, quick, and physical game, players are each given a deck of 12 cards. Once the game starts, players flip their decks over so that only one card is visible. All players shout and look for a partner calling for one of the matching actions – a fist bump, high five, switch it up, or the Happy Salmon (which is done by two players lightly slapping each other’s forearm at the same time). Players with a match perform that action together to discard that card, and the first player to get rid of all 12 cards, wins.

Ken commented: “Happy Salmon can truly be played in 90 seconds from opening the box to finishing a round. But you’ll find one game is not enough. It’s addictive and you’ll be playing over and over again.” Happy Salmonis now in select retailers nationwide and available at for £12.99. For more information on how to play, check out video.

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