Galt Toys is partnering with the world-famous Natural History Museum to launch a new range of learning and activity kits inspired by the London landmark location and its contents.

The Let’s Learn range will be launching in the spring and summer of 2024, with products combining illustrations and natural history to enhance STEAM learning for kids.

It will, the announcement noted, “immerse children in the wonderful worlds of science and natural history through fun and enriching activities, with the first range of kits themed around Dinosaurs and Tiny Creatures”.
The South Kensington museum has been open for more than 1881, beating Galt Toys which has been in existence for more than six decades.

Galt has been working with the museum’s boffins to ensure scientific accuracy, with the end results aiming to blend Galt’s style and quality with the Natural History Museum’s expertise. It will, of course, be sustainable product, using recycled and recyclable materials, with the package able to be used as part of the kits’ activities.

Emma Russell, senior licensing manager at the Natural History Museum, said: “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Galt Toys to bring this exciting new range to life. From our very first conversation, it was apparent we held similar values and were both equally passionate about creating opportunities for children to immerse themselves in the science and study of the natural world.”

Jacqueline Taylor-Foo, general manager at James Galt & Co. Ltd, part of Jumbo Group, said: “Partnering with a brand such as the Natural History Museum has been a brilliant opportunity for Galt Toys. Our heritage in designing educational toys paired with the scientific expertise of the Natural History Museum team, has resulted in a wonderful new collection which is sure to deliver on its STEAM promise.
“The Let’s Learn range of educational kits launches next spring. Each kit provides a total of six projects, designed to help develop vital skills for future scientists all encased in vibrant engaging packaging which has been created from sustainably sourced, FSC certified materials. Most of all, as with all our toys, there’s incredible play value inside each box which will encourage the consumer to come back for more.”

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