Giochi Preziosi Group has acquired the doll and accessories business of Munecas Arias, the Spanish doll brand created more than 45 years ago in Castalla (Alicante). This acquisition is in line with the strategy of the Group of creating a solid and wide baseline of own property brands and will allow the business of Arias to constantly grow in the Spanish, European and Worldwide market. 

After the acquisition of FAMOSA happened in 2019, Giochi Preziosi Group is continuing its investment strategy in the Spanish market, looking for product and operational excellence in order to enrich its portfolio and to be able to cover in a proper way different segments of the toys market. The Arias dolls are now another important asset in the portfolio of the Group companies. By joining the Giochi Preziosi Group, the history, the beauty and the care embedded in each of the Arias dolls have now the opportunity to expand into new markets and to steadily grow.

“We’re so happy to welcome the Arias dolls in our family” says Enrico Preziosi, President of Giochi Preziosi Group “and we believe that a bright future is in front of all of us after this acquisition. The Giochi Preziosi Group is again showing the ability to select and to bring on board assets that keep creating value to the company and are capable to shape a solid and everlasting future. The market environment is currently challenging, but the Group is committed to invest for the future”.

“I am really excited to start this new journey”, says Francisco Arias, CEO of Munecas Arias. “After 45 years of hard work, which began with our parents, José Antonio Arias and María-Luisa Martínez, we have realized that in order to do a further step for our brand, we needed some help from outside. We see a tremendous opportunity in front of us. We have been sharing and will share with the Giochi Preziosi Group the very same passion and commitment of bringing a smile and quality products to all the children around the world.”

Giochi Preziosi Group, an Italian multinational with more than 40 years of history, is currently one of the largest European players in the traditional toy industry. Giochi Preziosi currently has direct sales in the 6 major European countries and in Turkey, operations in the Far East and distribution agreements all over the world.

For more than 45 years, Muñecas Arias has been manufacturing handmade dolls, accessories and complements of great quality and realism in Spain, which are distributed in more than 30 countries. Based in Castalla, Alicante, it is one of the first companies to develop on a large scale the product line of Reborns babies, dolls that perfectly simulate reality and that are created using very laborious and handcrafted techniques.

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