Hamley’s has opened it’s first pop-up store, with a view to expanding it’s presence in the region

Hamley’s first pop-up store in the region will be open for four months, covering 2,767 sq ft. Opening in Centre:MK, the new store takes Hamley’s bricks-and-mortar locations to nearly 200 worldwide.Reliance Brands chief executive of global retail business, Sumeet Yadav said: “We are delighted to share the unique Hamleys experience with all those who visit us in our newest location at Centre:MK.
“We want to continue spreading smiles far and wide to all those who visit us in Milton Keynes once restrictions have been lifted and bring to life moments that will create lasting memories of fun and joy.
“With our wide range of toys, there is always something to see and do at Hamleys.”
Centre:MK outperformed national and regional footfall benchmarks by at least 33 per cent in week 44 and therefore expects a “strong” reopening today.

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