Creative integrated marketing campaigns for NERF and Play Doh were recognised with Gold and Silver awards status

Hasbro, picked up a grand total of five awards at the annual Influencer Marketing Awards, now in its 4th year, the event was hosted on 9th June.

Hasbro took home the Gold Award for both the Best Multi-Channel Campaign category and the Best Family and Parenting Campaign category for NERF’s Upload campaign, which sought to establish NERF as a lifestyle brand in the UK.

Furthermore, Hasbro won Silver Awards for three of its campaigns across NERF and Play Doh – securing Silver in Best Use of Data and Most Creative Influencer Marketing Campaign for NERF Upload, plus Silver in the Best Multi-Channel Campaign category for its Play Doh Home Protection Service campaign.

NERF Upload was created to help NERF achieve its 2021 growth targets and to maintain relevancy by positioning NERF as a lifestyle brand embraced by children and parents alike. The Campaign positioned NERF as a tool of creativity; teaching kids the basics of content creation, whilst demonstrating to parents the real skill that goes into it, via a series of YouTuber masterclasses.

Play Doh Home Protection Service addressed the Play Doh ‘messy play’ pain point of parents to drive consideration and household penetration.

All the awards won last night celebrate Hasbro’s relentless commitment to making the world a better place for all children, fans and families and Hasbro’s dedication to delivering immersive brand experiences for global audiences through consumer products, including toys and games.

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