This month sees the launch of additions to Hexbug’s Mobots and Micro Robotics Creatures ranges, as well as an upgrade to the collectable JunkBots range.

MoBots Speed Shot

MoBot Speed Shot: Aimed at kids aged five-plus, this is the newest addition to the Mobot range. Mobots are your interactive robotic sidekicks – talk to them to record your voice and they can play it back or even modify it with effects. The Mobots can speed up or slow down the playback of your recording, or you can use the voice effects to make you sound like a robot and change the pitch from low to high. Be the champion of your house with the Mobot Speed Shot: with each shot on target, it moves towards the finish line and closer to victory.

Hexbug Wasp

Hexbug Wasp: Aimed at children aged eight-plus, Wasp is the newest addition to Hexbug’s growing legion of robotic creepy crawlers. Race your friends and watch as the Wasp drifts around corners and towards the finish line. Using a powerful remote control, you decide the Wasp’s every move. With adjustable wings and a flexible tail moving from side to side, kids just might think this robotic creature is alive!

Junkbots Trash Bin: Little ones aged three-plus can pick through the trash to build and collect Junkbots. With a modular design, they can follow the instructions or build your own collectable character. Meanwhile, a pair of special bots are hidden inside each Junkbots Dumpster. Attach and reattach, and add light and motion modules, to see how many different bots you can discover. Or break the chain and dive into the Industrial Dumpster. With four unique bots, simulated junk and motion and light modules, your Junkbots go further than ever.

Junkbots Research Lab

Junkbots Research Lab: For children aged five-plus, this playset offers surprise after surprise! Once they finish building their pair of robots, they can deconstruct the playset to make even more bots or rearrange it however they want.

Junkbots Sewer System

Junkbots Sewer System Playset: With 280-plus pieces and four all-new Junkbots to uncover, this is unboxing to the max. Also suitable for children aged five-plus, they can change the playset how they want or add power modules to give their bots a boost.

Other new releases to keep an eye out for include: Nano Real Bugs 3 Pack and 5 Pack. Children aged three-plus can give their friends and family a scare with real bugs! Powered by nano vibration, these insect lookalikes scurry on any hard surface to provide some fearful fun. Finally, Circuit Smash Robots, aimed at kids aged eight-plus, are little warriors ready for battle. With Circuit Smash’s interchangeable attack ploughs and portable ring, the fight is on!

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