Zapf Creation has launched a new doll brand into the nurturing dpll category with Chou Chou, aimed at kids aged two years old upwards.

Available in three different dolls – Robin, Luka and Mika – the dolls have big eyes that bobble when the doll is moved, colourful hair and outfits and more than 25 different sounds. As well as the outfits and hat, they come with a bottle and dummy, which make sets off a sucking sound when they’re put to the doll’s mouth.

With an RRP of £39.99, they come in plastic-free packaging as part of Zapf Creation’s sustainability commitment.

Zapf said the Chou Chou launch would be supported with “heavyweight TV and YouTube campaigns aimed at children and over-the shoulder viewing throughout November and December. Plus, influencer and social campaigns to bolster the media investment and showcase the fun features to parents and gift givers alike”.

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