Six magical new fairy dolls to hit the UK market

Doll brand BABY born is excited to introduce a magical new brand to hit shelves this spring – BABY born Storybook. This new range sees six fairy dolls welcome children aged 3 plus into the enchanting Storybook world, combining doll play with storytelling and imagination.

The BABY born Storybook Fairies (RRP £24.99) have innovative features so little ones can bring their fairy-play to life. Each doll has fluttering wings (activated with a swish of her wand across her tummy), colour changing face art when in sunlight and her very own adventure picture booklet, encouraging children to expand their imaginations by creating stories about their favourite fairy.

Each Storybook fairy also includes a light-up stand – with colour changing lights and a double backdrop – to add to the storytelling element, inspiring even more imaginative play with the dolls.

With six fairies to collect in the series, little ones can choose their favourites from Ice, Poppy, Rainbow, Peach, Violet and Rose. Each one has her own style, personality, animal friend and home in the Storybook world for little ones to discover.

The packaging for each Storybook fairy is designed to look like a book, which when opened, reveals their new fairy friend. The book-style packaging is plastic free and fully recyclable, as part of Zapf Creation’s on-going commitment to sustainability and implementing packaging materials that are easier to recycle.

Kasia Leskow, Head of Marketing for Zapf Creation, said: ‘We have been so excited to launch BABY born Storybook and we hope fans of the brand love the six Storybook Fairies as much as us. Imagination and storytelling are hugely important developmental skills for young children to build on as they grow through childhood, and these adorable Storybook Fairies will have great importance as dolls not just to be used for fun in playtime, but to allow young children to have creative control in creating their own narratives.”

Zapf Creation will support the 1st of June launch with a heavyweight PR and marketing campaign, including influencer and celebrity engagement, social media activity and TV, plus retailer activation.

BABY born Storybook Fairies are available from all good toy stores, including Smyths Toys Superstore, The Entertainer, Argos and Amazon and online at

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