It is very rarely that four people with a combined buying and merchandising knowledge from working for a major retail group come together to offer their 100 years of experience to both suppliers and retail buyers to aid them in their working practices.

Turning traditional consulting on its head by working collaboratively with clients, together they will work to drive sustainable and profitable growth for the brands that they engage with.

The Major that all four worked with for so many years was John Lewis and their belief is that there is a better way to do business by forming a bespoke solution to fit client’s business needs.

The fab four are:

Elaine Hooper

Anna Berry

Neil Amer

Sara Allbright

During their work with John Lewis the categories that they covered were toys, gifts, homeware, tableware, glassware, Cookshop, seasonal & beauty.

Over my many years working in most of the above product categories,the majority of my advertisers would consider The John Lewis Partnership as a major business partner, therefore the fab four knowledge of buying and merchandising should be of huge help to both the supplier and retailer.

With a hands-on approach their aim is to provide professional guidance to clients both large and small.

They realise that one size does not fit all and that every solution is hand-crafted and uniquely tailored to each different case.

Retail100 are able to cover business planning, assortment review, sourcing, customer, brand, on-line and sustainability. This also includes private label product development, licensing, critical path management and innovation.

They are already working with a number of clients and would welcome hearing from interested parties. Please take a look at their website

and you can contact them directly at :

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