It’s been the TV sensation of the winter and now Traitors is heading to stores after Vivid Goliath announced plans to launch a board game based on the smash hit series. 

The company has partnered with All3Media International and Identity Games to produce the official Traitors Board Game. 

Due to launch in September, the game will let players recreate the tense show in their own homes, trying to unmask the traitor while working with the “faithfuls”, or trying to avoid detection if they’re the treacherous one. 

Created by IDTV in the Netherlands, the UK it’s been a global hit in different iterations, with the UK version being streamed 28 million times over the holidays on the BBC iPlayer. It became a bona fide word of mouth sensation and the Beeb is now airing the US version to equal acclaim. 

Senior marketing and licensing director Emma Weber said: “We can’t wait to recreate the TV series sensation at home”, says Identity Games are the mastermind team behind the brand The Escape Rooms, we thoroughly enjoy working with them and they continue to drive creativity and quality in everything they do”.  

VP commercial licensing at All3Media International Jane Sharp added: “Already a phenomenal international hit across multiple territories, The Traitors has continued to prove its impressive fanbase in the UK, ranking as one BBC’s top-rated shows of last year and trending on Twitter over all 12 episodes. We have every confidence that this board game will be a sell-out success as soon as it hits shelves later this year in the UK, and are so excited to see both The Traitors dedicated fanbase and those new to game experience the tension, paranoia and adrenaline of the gameshow in their own homes.”

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