Jazwares, the master toy manufacturing partner for Pokémon, has extended its agreement with The Pokémon Company international to add further direct distribution rights to its existing list of territories, which include the US, Canada and Mexico.

From January, distribution of the Jazwares line will transition to the local Jazwares’ team. From Q2, distribution will transition from BOTI in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to Jazwares’ local German team. BOTI will continue to distribute the line in Benelux.

The Pokémon Company International licensing director Mathieu Galante said: “Pokémon is delighted to tighten the relationship with Jazwares in the UK and German markets. They share our commitment to the master toy programme which has been very successful, reaching the Top 10 NPD in the respective markets. We’re excited to grow the programme with them and keep up the positive momentum in 2022.”

Jazwares SVP Europe Jonny Taylor commented: “It’s an incredibly exciting time for Pokémon. Brand engagement is at an all-time high and the demand for all aspects of the property, including toys, is through the roof.

“Jazwares is absolutely thrilled to begin supplying our retail customers directly on such a meaningful property. We have a phenomenally exciting line coming for 2022, which we are extremely confident the Pokémon fan base will love.”

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