Smart Toys and Games Unveil a limited-edition version of one of its bestselling games

Smart Toys and Games, a leader in multi-level logic games is thrilled to announce the launch of Jump IN ‘Limited Edition’. With an additional 40 challenges to complete and a new rabbit in the woods, this bestselling game just got a whole lot better. But you’ll need to be quick before it hops off the shelves!

The aim of the game is to bounce the bunnies and slide the foxes around the game board until all four bunnies are safe in their burrows. But you won’t be out of the woods that easily, as the bunnies must always jump over another object (or animal) and can only jump horizontally and vertically. What may seem like a simple solution soon becomes a challenge and with this limited-edition version there’s a huge 100 challenges to get your brain around!

To get going, players must place the pieces as shown in the challenge. Then they move the rabbits (jumping) and foxes (sliding) around the game board until all the rabbits are safe in the brown holes. This game comes with 1 portable game board, 4 rabbits, 2 foxes, 3 mushrooms and a booklet with 100 challenges and solutions.

With bright colours, adorable characters and a multitude of different solutions, this original game will have little ones as young as seven puzzling for hours! Best of all, playing this game will stimulate a number of different cognitive skills including concentration, logic, planning, problem solving and spatial insight!

Commenting on the launch of Jump IN Limited Edition, Karen Clarke, UK Brand Director at Smart Toys and Games said:

“We are thrilled to unveil our limited-edition version of Jump IN. This game has been a real favourite amongst customers over the years, so it’s fantastic we can now offer this special version with even more brain-teasing challenges to complete and enjoy!”

Sales enquiries are to be sent to or call +44 (0)1903 885669

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