With the range already experiencing huge success at retail in the US, Sensory FX has arrived in the UK. This week sees the launch of a bespoke campaign tying into Children’s Mental Health Week, with cross-platform activity designed to highlight the brands unique ASMR experience and wellbeing benefits. 

Working in collaboration with leading play expert, Dr Amanda Gummer, Just Play developed a series of campaign initiatives exploring the unique sensory play elements of the range around Children’s Mental Health Week, running from 7th – 13th February.

As part of a feature article around the Sensory FX range, Dr Gummer commented “mental health is just as important as physical health. Many of us have some form of first aid kit around the house for small injuries like cuts, burns, and bruises to treat the injury quickly and avoid it getting worse. A similar approach can be taken with mental health. She suggests that by creating a “mental health first aid kit parents can give their children the tools to manage their own emotions and behaviour.” She puts forward the idea that this kit can include any number of elements that encourage wellbeing: Something with an interesting texture can give a child great tactile stimulation. There are lots of different types of textures that may appeal to your child, so it’s worth including a few different ones. The Sensory FX ASMR bars are a good place to start, as there are a range of styles available that all connect together for a personalised ASMR board.”  Sound recordings, she suggests, are another useful tool in the ˜kit. The ASMR Recorder Cube, enables parents and children to record soothing sounds made by the cube sensory surfaces or they may enjoy creating and recording their own sounds too. The cube includes five other panels that are ideal for tactile stimulation, so it’s a great all-in-one toy.”

In addition to the work with Dr Gummer and the Good Play Guide, Just Play this week launched an Influencer campaign designed to generate user generated content around Children’s Mental Health Week, showcasing the unique ASMR elements of the Sensory FX range.

upporting children’s wellbeing through play is something we are extremely passionate about and Children’s Mental Health Week presented us with a fantastic opportunity to work in partnership with influencers and experts to highlight the benefits Sensory FX can offer children.  The unique ASMR experience Sensory FX provides is a great tool to help children self-regulate and develop a sense of calm and wellbeing through play. comments Katie Gritt, Head of Marketing Communications at Just Play UK.

For more information on Sensory FX, contact sales@justplayproducts.com

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