LeapFrog will be returning to Toy Fair to showcase its new toy range, which is sure to help the company continue to build on its success.


The range will see 18 new LeapFrog Learning Toys released throughout 2022, with four released in S/S and a further 14 released in A/W. These will help to boost the LeapFrog Baby range, which is the number three brand in the early electronic learning subclass, and growing at 1.4% (NPD, Units, YTD January-October 2021).

S/S will see the launch of the Ironing Time Learning Set, 100 Things That Go Book, Colourful Counting Red Panda, and the A-to-Z Learn with Me Dictionary.


New to LeapFrog’s much-loved roleplay range, kids aged from 18 months can press into learning about shapes, colours and counting with the motion-activated Ironing Time Learning Set. This interactive iron plays songs, silly phrases and sound effects when youngsters move the iron back and forth. Join the iron in 10-plus learning activities, and count to five or sing along to the alphabet song as you iron the included play clothes. Turn the temperature dial to hear about colours, fabrics, and low, medium and high heat. Three buttons show numbers, colours and shapes. Press them to hear interactive phrases and questions. Can you find the red shirt? Now iron something with three circles! Watch the iron light up with the colour that it names to help kids learn colour vocabulary.

LeapFrog will also expand the popular 100 Words Book range with the 100 Things That Go interactive book. Hear 100-plus words about modes of transportation, from dog sleighs and dumper trucks to skates and school buses. Six double-sided, touch-sensitive pages feature vocabulary in English and French. Simply flip the language switch to hear words, phrases, and descriptions in either language. Triple the fun with three play modes, so you can learn about Words, Sounds and Fun Facts on every page of this bilingual book. The light-up star plays two learning songs in English and French. Suitable for children aged from 18 months, this portable book gives little ones a window into ways to move in the world around them.

In addition, S/S will also see the release of the Colourful Counting Red Panda. This colourful and soft red panda teaches colours and counting with songs and dance beats. 

Finally, the A to Z Learn With Me Dictionary will also be launched, which encourages children to explore 200-plus words through touch-sensitive pictures, sounds and music while building vocabulary and early dictionary skills.

A/W will see another new roleplay toy and an expansion to the Magic Adventures range, alongside more items.

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