LEGO has marked the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons by launching the latest in its Ideas series. 

It threw open the opportunity for fans to design their own brick set based around the popular table-top game, with Lucas Bolt, from Amsterdam, winning through after the brief set by D&D experts at Wizards of the Coast. 

That ream developed am adventure set around the game as Bolt worked with LEGO’s design team on the set. 

The set features a tavern, with a removable roof, alongside six Minifigures. 

Diehard fans were further involved by being invited to help design the cover for the building instructions that come with the set, with Chris Yu winning through. It was launched with a special event available online, and an adventure book, free to LEGO Insiders as a download. 

Bolt said: “The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS theme combined with my love of history, fantasy and making games, inspired me to create a playable layout with different challenges and routes to explore. I had so much fun designing this piece, and it is a real privilege seeing my design developed into a detailed LEGO set to celebrate 50 years of the iconic game.” 

LEGO design manager Jordan Scott said: “Lucas’ design perfectly captured the storytelling excitement of any DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game.  Working with the Wizards of the Coast team, we were able to build on his design to co create a truly authentic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS experience full of details that will excite fans through the building process and beyond.” 

“LEGO bricks and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS have been used by fans to generate stories and build adventures for so long that bringing these two creative brands together during our 50th Anniversary felt like a no-brainer,” said Dan Rawson, Global Play Lead on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and RPGs. “With the amazing LEGO Ideas set designed by Lucas Bolt, the adventure package available on D&D Beyond, and the LEGO Minifigure series coming this fall, fans will have so many new sparks of imagination available to enjoy creating fantasy stories together with friends and family.” 

It will be available from April 1.

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