The first Licensing for Retail conference has named its first speakers as well as revealing that 140 retailers have signed up for the event.

Licensing for Retail, put together by Brand Licensing Europe and Licensing International, takes place on April 19 at Convene in London, with retailers including The Entertainer, Tesco, The Very Group, Sainsburys, John Lewis and M&S due to attend.
The event will be divided into four themes – Setting the Scene – The power of brands at retail; Licensing and You – How brand licensing is so much more than ‘brand slap’; The Future – How will brands be represented at retail in 5-10 years?; and Coming Together – Licensors, Licensees, and Retailers.

Speakers and panels include on focusing on consumer trends hosted by retail Week’s Charlotte Hardie, who said: “Covid, the cost of living crisis, rising inflation, increased choice and customisation offered by technology – these are just some of the trends impacting shifting consumer spending in recent times.

“Never has there been a better time or a greater need for retail to find a point of differentiation. I’m looking forward to discussing how licensing can help solve many of the challenges facing retail at April’s Licensing for Retail conference.”
Others include Brands With Purpose, looking at how licensing is “more than just brand slap”; How Will We Shop in 10 years’ time?; speed pitching brands with agent Caroline Micklerand Licensing Chose Me, chaired by Will Stewart of The Point.1888, who said: “I’m looking forward to Licensing for Retail because I honestly believe licensing can solve all the problems that buyers have. Driving traffic into stores, creating noise and a competitive advantage, driving margin, and helping reduce costs of running a retail outlet. Ever since I crossed to the light side, I’ve been determined to help build understanding in retail for what licensing can deliver. This event will be huge in that endeavour.”

Registration is available here

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