The DreamToys team and PR agency Bastion have revealed the first wave of coverage resulting from this week’s announcement of the list of 12 top toys for Christmas.

It takes in everything from The Guardian and GB News, covering all points on the spectrum in between, and taking in print – with almost every national newspaper covering the big reveal – as well as radio and TV. There’s also been plenty of online activity and influencer coverage too.

It’s certainly the kind of PR coverage that money can’t buy and illustrates just how important the event is to garnering coverage for the wider industry and directing consumers into stores.

The list of coverage takes in online and print versions of newspapers too and covers off outlets ranging from BBC News, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, iNews, Independent [2], The Guardian, The Sun, The Telegraph, Yahoo, MSN, The Week and Wales Online. The launch covered off the Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, iNews, The Guardian, The Sun, and The Telegraphwho all published the story in print.

The Organisers told TnP: “Regarding TV, we attended GB News’ studio this morning for a live breakfast broadcast. ITV regional news team also attended the preview day and will be airing their TV package over Wednesday evening across the ITV regional news network.”
Coverage is set to continue into next week too, with Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel Playmobil is due to cover DreamToys on Monday, focusing on affordability.

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