Magicbox Toys has unveiled a comprehensive marketing plan to drive awareness among new and existing fans and increase sales of its hugely popular collectible SuperThings series.

The announcement came alongside the latest rollout of the brand, with the Rescue Force defending Kaboom City.

SuperThings Rescue Force offers up a selection of picket money collectables for fans to discover, with more than 80 one-packs, with each SuperThing having its own unique special power. There are also six super-powered, articulated Kazoom Kid figures, more Kazoom Rescue Jets, as well as innovative, detailed playsets that are packed with their own special Kaboom City features.

Since SuperThings first launched in 2018 the Magicbox Toys team has supported each season with heavyweight marketing and Autumn 2022 will be no different. A good mix of TV and digital activity will ensure the brand is reaching the core audience across the new variety of viewing platforms that are now available, with on-air TV dates planned for August, October and November.

The digital arena will be filled with SuperThings content, with TVCs across each month from launch, plus at least bi-weekly drops of the eight impressive SuperThings animated webisodes, which are shown and advertised from the Magicbox YouTube Channel. Added to this will be to waves of user-generated content from UK YouTubers, introducing reviews and toy-play into the mix.

High-volume sampling will continue into this season’s plan, and a partnership with Kennedy Publishing will see around 100,000 single-figure packs distributed across the publisher’s boys’ titles, with activity page content to support.

Finally, to ensure that those who have purchase power are also buying-into the brand, the plan includes Meta advertising across the brand’s own UK channels, as well as online family stunt activity, reviews, and competitions with parental influencers to deliver extensive reach.

Magicbox Toys UK’s head of marketing Suzie Howes said: “SuperThings is a household name in the collectables arena, but it is important that we reach our core audience wherever they happen to be watching. Rescue Force is a stunning collection that we know will excite existing fans, but it is also our aim to draft in new collectors with every new series. We believe this plan has extensive reach with boys aged 4-9, and their parents and will do just that.”

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