Not all toys are equal – 100% recycled toys that glow in the dark

A better way of play is possible.

Geomagworld has created award-winning toys since 1998. They created the world’s first magnetic construction toy and have always focused on their environmental responsibilities.

Geomag has embraced the attitude of the circular economy for many years now. In 2020 they converted their Magicube and Classic lines to use 100% recycled plastics. In 2021 they achieved their goal and transitioned all new lines into recycled plastic, including Mechanics. Their packaging is also made with over 70% recycled materials and their production process uses 100% renewable energy. Geomag really does show that educational and fun play really can be green through their award-winning and certified Swiss-made toys.

Explore invisible forces and real magnetism.

Geomag helps children learn a full range of seemingly unexplainable forces through their exciting and fun-packed construction toys. Invisible forces allow the magnetic rods and metal spheres to join together to create a plethora of different constructions. No tack, no glue just the invisible force of magnetism that unearths a limitless world of building possibilities. Magnetism is the real attraction that not only allows everything to be held together but draws children in for hours upon hours of educational, innovative, and creative play.

Glow – life after dark.

The new range of Geomag Glow shows there is life after dark. The Glow range is packed full of natural materials inside 100% recycled plastic. The natural materials capture sunlight and return it through a mystical glow when it’s dark. Never have children wanted the lights out so much! With Geomag Glow playtime is best when the lights go out, the room goes dark, and Glow comes alive.

Grow glow with three new sets.

Fully compatible with other Geomag rods, spheres, and panels the Glow range has three new sets. The Geomag Glow (328) Recycled 25-piece set is an ideal starter pack with enough pieces to start your Geomag journey and embrace the power of magnets. The Geomag (329) Glow Recycled 42-piece Set and Geomag Glow (338) Recycled 60-piece sets are great to build amazing constructions, star-gazing designs and embracing creative and educational play. Each set is made using 100% recycled plastics, extendable with other packs, and guaranteed to make children glow with joy.

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