The IAB, the industry body for digital advertising, actively raises standards within digital media buying with the Gold Standard. The initiative certifies companies selling digital media if they meet set criteria around improving the digital advertising experience, helping compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy law, tackling ad fraud and upholding brand safety. A cohort of advertisers, including Mattel UK, pledge to only use Gold Standard certified companies wherever possible and therefore commit to driving change around key issues that concern brands.

The key to a healthy and successful digital ad industry is raising the accountability bar by providing additional assurances that appropriate measures are taken to fight fraud and maintain suitable brand-safe environments.

Kelly Philp, Marketing Director Mattel UK comments; “As a leader in the toy category we have a critical role to play in upholding the core values of the IAB gold standard and driving change within the digital advertising industry to make it safer & more transparent, especially for children and families. Digital advertising is and will continue to be a focus area for Mattel and our aim is to lead from the front and by example.”

Sophia Haynes, Director of Campaigns for IAB UK, adds: “It’s brilliant to have Mattel UK on board as our latest Gold Standard advertiser supporter, joining a 15-strong alliance of brands. By proactively choosing to work with Gold Standard certified suppliers, these advertisers are playing a uniquely powerful role in bringing about real and lasting change within the digital ad supply chain.” 

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