‘Tis the season to prank your family and friends. Vicky Pattison teamed up with Christmas UK toy brand Elves Behavin’ Badly to give ultimate prank victim Pete Wicks the surprise of his life, pulling off a hilarious Christmas prank.

Just in time for silly season, the duo were on hand to inject some much needed life and festive cheer back into the Capital as new research from the Christmas merchandise brand reveals that over half (55%) of Brits who celebrate Christmas see it as a welcome distraction from the doom and gloom of the pandemic.

Spreading joy dressed as Elves Behavin’ Badly’s naughty elves Elfie and Elvie, the pair were spotted having an Elfin’ good time across the city. Little did Pete know he was being set up for a finale extravaganza.

Standing by what seemed to be a 10 metre ornate Christmas tree, Pete got the shock of his life when what he thought was a button to activate the tree lights was in fact activating built in mechanics, causing the giant tree to tip over and tricking Pete into thinking it had snapped.

And hilarity followed!

Vicky said: “I absolutely love Christmas and can’t get enough of the silly season, after this awful year it’s the perfect time to get a little mischievous and have a laugh with your mates.” “I love spreading a little festive cheer and couldn’t resist the chance to play naughty elf Elvie and pull the biggest Christmas prank on my good mate Pete.” Pete said: “Vick knows I’m a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas, the only good part about it is the fact you can get drunk all day and no one judges you. Having said that, dressing up as a naughty elf to cause some mischief across London was right up my street and it’s certainly got me in the festive spirit.” The exciting range of products from Elves Behavin’ Badly start from a RRP of £1.00, pick up your pair of these naughty elves and accessories from all leading UK online and retail stores now.

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