MGA Entertainment is expanding its Na! Na! Na! Surprise collection for S/S with two new ranges hitting the shelves. 

Since the brand’s launch in 2019, the fashion doll brand has seen huge success. MGA Entertainment said Na! Na! Na! Surprise was ‘the first ever fashion doll to launch with soft-articulated features and has since become a much-loved doll, for children aged four-plus’. 

Six new Na! Na! Na! Surprise Sweetest Heart characters are the latest to launch: Valentina Moore, Gisele Goodheart, Eva Evermore, Lily Sarang, Cynthia Sweeta and Maria Buttercup. Each love-themed doll is born on Valentine’s Day and comes in her own shade of red, pink, purple, mint, blue or yellow, wearing a quilted heart dress and bear-shaped beanie. The collection includes messaging details on the outfits like ‘XOXO’, ‘Love You’ and ‘Be Sweet’. 

Na! Na! Na! Surprise 2-in-1 Soft Fashion Doll Glam Series 2 will launch with six new characters. All animal-themed, get ready to meet Priscilla Paws, Mallory Holmes, Tabitha Nekota, Liling Luck, Erika Featherton and Gianni Wilde. Each doll comes with her own fabric purse, outfit, and pair of shoes – alongside a bio and birthdate. 

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