Lalaloopsy Dolls – the colourful rag doll collectables from MGA Entertainment – are returning to the market 10 years on with some new characters.

Aimed at girls aged three to six, Lalaloopsy dolls live in Lalaloopsy Land where every doll is there to make sure each child has a fun, silly and creative play time. Audiences may recognise Lalaloopsy from its new content series on YouTube where episodes are being added weekly, as well as existing content on popular kids’ TV channels and Netflix. 

The Lalaloopsy Large Doll is the largest collection of the lines, offering eight stitched dolls to collect. Each has her own unique personality and sewn-on date and comes with her own pet and reusable house playset. The line also includes Lalaloopsy Littles Dolls which are the cute younger siblings of the Lalaloopsy Large Dolls. With six to collect, each doll also comes with their own pet and reusable house. 

Also in the collection is the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll. Children can have fun bending, twisting, and styling the silly hair of the dolls. There are two Silly Hair Dolls, and both come with their own pet as well as hair accessories. To inspire imaginative play, the set also comes with a salon reusable playset. 

Lalaloopsy Sew Royal Princess Party will launch later this year and is suitable for children who love to play princess and fairy tale games. There are two magical dolls to collect in this range, with each set containing one large doll and her pet, one little doll and her pet, and a mini version of each doll. 

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