H. Grossman Ltd will be going into 2022 with a new name. On Monday December 20, the company will be renamed One For Fun Ltd in a total rebrand that brings all of the company’s products under one unifying entity.

CEO David Mordecai said: “This announcement is the culmination of a lot of hard work, bringing together all of our team with one website, one set of email addresses, one sales force and one fantastic office and showroom. The head office is in Glasgow and the Norwich office has been closed. We have essentially been one company for a few years now, and finally this name reflects that.

“As far as our customers and suppliers go, this will eliminate a lot of confusion. We had team members with differing company email addresses, different offices at different ends of the UK, and a feeling that the name did not represent the fusion of the companies. One for Fun Ltd is a company that sells brands – those brands are HGL, Ozbozz, Tobar, Kit for Kids and our distribution brands, Maisto and Bburago and Zuru.”

He stressed that the fresh name would appear on new packaging but would not replace or overshadow the existing product brand. One for Fun will be showing the new packaging at London Toy Fair on stand E49. Full details are being sent out to customers and suppliers this weekend.

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