Former JAKKS Pacific staffer Emma Prendaglia is joining Wow! Stuff from Friday July 1 as senior national accounts manager, looking after some of the company’s leading retailers.

Predaglia said: “I’ve recently said goodbye to a fantastic team at JAKKS after an amazing four years of learning all about the toy industry and all things Disney, Nintendo and Sonic – I’m very much looking forward to taking this experience and joining the amazing innovative team at Wow! Stuff.

“I’m mother to six-year-old George – all set to be the Hulk Hogan of his generation and nine-year-old Polly who wants to be Eleven from Stranger Things (yes, worrying). Married to a dinosaur enthusiast, we’re a strange bunch based in St Albans. I myself am an obsessed foodie so outside of selling toys, daydream about restaurants to visit and dishes I can create. I therefore spend a lot of time at CrossFit making sure I can keep a reasonable grip of my weight!”

Wow! Stuff commercial director Dawn Lavalette added: “Emma is exactly what we are looking for from a Wow! Stuffer; diligent with a great eye for detail, follow up, hard working, and fun. We give a big thanks for the hard work and commitment of Leanne Royce in her role looking after Smyths, Tesco and other leading UK retailers over the last 3 years and we wish her the best of luck with her next move.”

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