Stuart Crawford passed away on 19 August aged 69 after a prolonged and debilitating illness.

Stuart retired from M.V. Sports & Leisure in 2019 after 22 years with the company, having worked in the toy industry for more than 40 years.

After training at Nestlé, Stuart’s first role in toys was in 1976 with Burbank Toys, followed by Acamas Toys in 1981, Pikit Toys in 1987, PMS in 1992 and M.V. Sports & Leisure in 1997. Stuart worked with all the major and independent retailers both past and present, and in particular he was a champion of the independent retail trade

He was perhaps best known for his role of national account controller at M.V. Sports & Leisure. Ever popular and widely respected, Stuart was an honourable, trustworthy, ambassador for the company. A ‘larger than life’ character who wore his heart on his sleeve, nobody had a bad word to say about him. He was loyal to both the wider toy industry and M.V., demonstrating unwavering support to customers, agents, directors, and staff.

His contribution to the industry was recognised with a BTHA Golden Teddy Award in 2018.

A family man through and through, Stuart was always there for his children and grandchildren. He always thought of others before thinking of himself.  Our thoughts are with his wife Marie and family at this sad time. He will be very sadly missed.

There will be a private family funeral and cards should be sent to M.V. Sports & Leisure, 35 Tameside Drive Birmingham B35 7AG. Donations can be sent to children’s charity Barnado’s at

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