It’s been a big year for One for Fun (formerly H Grossman Ltd) and its main brands of Tobar, Ozbozz, and HGL – not forgetting its distribution brands, which include Maisto, Bburago and Zuru.


Of course 2021 was all about fidget toys, with Pushpoppers leading the way, and 2022 sees even more lines added to this pocket money bonanza. Toy Fair will see the introduction of the Squishy Cute Animal Tub of adorable, squeezable and unputdownable squishy friends. Each tub contains 18 cute animals. Tubs are the order of the day with the range of Dinosaur head tubs (large or small), which open to reveal a collection of mini dinosaurs. The heads are available in T- Rex or Triceratops form. Tobar is adding even more fidget lines with its Squish Ball range proving to be a massive hit. More than 100 non-fidget pocket money lines will also be introduced across the brands.

Tobar’s Animigos range continues to grow with the addition of the Flipping Panda (he literally does a flip!), the Walking Cockapoo with lead, the Walking Maltese dog, and the Walking Elephant. The Animigos World of Nature range will see the introduction of a koala and her cub, a hanging lemur, a hanging sloth, and a hanging chimpanzee. Other additions will be a non-animated Cockapoo puppy, a Westie, a rat with a squeak, a budgie, a rare red panda, and a black and white guinea pig. With an eye to all things eco, Tobar is now looking to work on its wooden range. Keep an eye out for its FSC update within its wooden pocket money and classic collections.

One for Fun Must see at Toy Fair

For outdoor range Ozbozz, 2022 sees new lines including bigger-wheeled scooters, pogo sticks and generic skateboard designs, plus a soccer goal with a ball, cricket set, badminton set and set of sky fliers.

Meanwhile, Poppy the Booty Shakin’ Pug from Zuru’s Pets Alive range is bound to cause a stir at Toy Fair. Also new is the Paw Patrol version of Bubble Wow – creating bubbles with a wave of the hand!

And watch out for a new line from Robo Alive: Dino Fossil Find. Find your inner dino hunter and take a look at these large Dino eggs, which include dinosaur bone dig kits, a digging tool, prehistoric slime, rock and sand. Find the bones and fit them together, then watch them come to life with light and sound. Robo Alive’s other additions include new colours in the Robo Alive Lurking Lizard, and the new Crawling Cockroach and Spider. Zuru will also be introducing new colourways in the Robo Fish range. And there will also be an exciting new addition to the Zuru line-up that will be launched at Toy Fair and is strictly under wraps until then! 

The BB Junior Range will make its Toy Fair debut. Key lines for this year are the Junior Drive & Rock collection, combining chunky robust colourful vehicles with a removable musical component. Choose from the BB Junior Drive & Rock Fire Truck with Keyboard, the Cement Mixer with Drum, or the Tow Truck with Guitar.

Moving up the age scale, Bburago is extending its farm vehicle range. Massey Ferguson is the brand that everyone knows and loves, and additions include a new Massey R/C Tractor and trailer.

Finally, Maisto really does control R/C, and this year sees additions to its Cyklone range: the Cyklone Buggy and the Cyklone Monster. Both vehicles have a forward and back movement and can drift at the same time.  Last is Lewis Hamilton (not something that happens often!) – Maisto is introducing an R/C version of his latest Formula One vehicle in the 2021 colours. 

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