Orchard Toys is heading to India after signing a distribution deal and it is further looking to expand across Europe with a raft of new partners across assorted territories. 

The licensing agreement with Gameworks LLP will launch the Orchard Toys brand across India, with the company localising Orchard’s games and puzzles for the local market, with product due to launch early this year. Gameworks is producing the toys to Orchard’s exacting quality standards and tested to meet India’s tough compliance standards. 

Gameworks’ CEO Nayomi Kothari said: “We are very excited to partner with Orchard Toys to bring their fantastic, award-winning educational games to children and families in India. Orchard Toys has globally established itself as a leading manufacturer of games that provide the perfect balance between play and learning, a recipe we believe will greatly benefit children in India. We are looking forward to this journey.”

Orchard is also rolling out a similar distribution model in Benelux, France and Germany, Austria and Sweden (GAS). Its aim to is to replicate successes in territories such as Canada, Hungary and Italy, where localised product has helped sales treble. 

International account manager Robert Mann said: “There is enormous potential to take the Orchard Toys brand and grow it further around the world. Our market tests have proved successful, with language specific product delivering a significant uplift in sales. Our focus now is to extend this to Benelux, France and the GAS markets in which we are actively seeking distribution partners.” 

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