Playmobil launches into space

ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer with new recruit ROBert
ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer with new recruit ROBert

German European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Maurer will conduct more than 100 experiments during his six-month stay on the International Space Station (ISS). Since November last year, he has been living onboard the ISS –  and now a very special guest has arrived: ROBert, the character from the Playmobil educational video series ROBert Knows.

The Playmobil toy flew up to the ISS together with a cargo capsule. This little talking robot, known from the YouTube channel ‘ROBert Knows’, is highly intelligent because he has downloaded all the world’s knowledge and information. He shares his knowledge with kids to explain the wonders of life.

Matthias and ROBert have now recorded a video message, giving an exclusive view inside the ISS and a glimpse into the everyday life of the women and men who live, work, eat and sleep on board. What do they normally do on a typical day? Where do they sleep? And is doing sports possible in zero gravity? The highlight is a sensational view from the Cupola:  the dome-shaped window where you can look down from the ISS and see Earth pass below. Besides this spectacular scene, the Cupola is also important for everyday work.

As Matthias explains in the video: “In weightlessness, there is a whole lot that we still have to research. This could be research on plants or bacteria, medical research, or even research involving the human body.”

Thanks to the co-operation with ESA, Playmobil is continuing its strategy in the field of entertaining knowledge transfer. The company said: “Edutainment is becoming increasingly important for us as a complement to our products.” With ‘ROBert Knows’, Playmobil has founded a learning channel which presents interesting facts about the world and everyday life in an entertaining way suitable for children.

The video message from ROBert and Matthias from the ISS is available on the Playmobil YouTube channel ‘ROBert Knows’ (PLAYMOBIL Stop Motion) and on ROBert’s Twitter-Account: – Twitter Account

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