The Horst Brandstätter Group, which owns German toy brand Playmobil, has issued a statement saying it is very concerned about the developments in Ukraine and has decided to stop supplying products of Playmobil and fellow company brand Lechuza to Russia with immediate effect.

For the year 2022, Horst Brandstätter Group had budgeted a turnover of around Euro 10 million for both companies in Russia.

Alongside this, The Children’s Foundation founded by Horst Brandstätter has donated 150,000 euros for children in Ukraine.

Steffen Höpfner, CEO of the company, explained: “The employees and the entire management of the company want to show a sign of solidarity with the people in Ukraine. We are shocked and dismayed by the Russian troops’ invasion of Ukraine. Our sympathy goes out to the many people in the region whose lives are in acute danger, or who must leave their homes in hundreds of thousands.”

The Horst Brandstätter Group has no employees in Ukraine or Russia.

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