PMS International has been quick to respond to the first big craze line of 2022. The multi-section articulated plastic slug is yet another in the recent succession of fidget toy crazes. 

This attractive toy, tapered towards the head and the tail, is the PMS Wriggle Slug – difficult to put down once a consumer picks it up. Not only does it feel strangely compelling to fiddle the all-moving parts between the fingers but they make an interesting noise as the individual shell cases clatter against each other.

These Wriggle Slugs have sprung up quickly almost from nowhere. The most popular size is the 20cm model, but smaller and larger sizes are in the pipeline.  Arriving by air into the UK from the end of February initially are plain colours, two-tone colour, and a six-colour rainbow version – all made of virgin high quality plastic. Not far behind the early air freight shipments are a host of other novel materials and colour combinations.

Paul Beverley, a director of PMS International, said: “We are sure this fidget toy is going to outsell all the other recent fidget toy successes because it’s just one of those novelties that you can’t put down. I’ve seen plenty of people toying endlessly with Worry Beads and it’s only now I realise the fascination and the instant compulsion to articulate this toy through your fingers. 

“The huge variety of colours and colour combinations, with a quick follow up of other sizes and different types of material, makes this a very collectable and swappable item.  Within 24 hours of seeing it, we ordered more than half a million toys to get us started. This toy will be a pre-summer sensation whose popularity will stretch well into the summer. Early ordering is strongly recommended!”

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