Sunday, May 22, 2022
Rubies Doctor Stange

Asmodee – Just the Ticket!

Asmodee and Days of Wonder Launch Ticket to Ride: San Francisco! Ticket to Ride is heading to San Francisco as Asmodee and Days of Wonder...

Roar-some fun with the Hey Clay Dino playset

Dino Day fans can discover the joy of unlimited creativity with the colourful Hey Clay Dino playset! Designed to boost kids’ imagination - this vibrant...

New adventures coming to LEGO City through story-based building experiences

With new digital storytelling experiences, LEGO City Missions puts children in charge of customising their models using pure imagination and creativity in a bid...

Golden Bear Toys Announces the launch of new IP: Curlimals

Golden Bear launches its own interactive plush, introducing a range of entry-level animatronic soft toys to the sub-category. Curlimals is the company’s latest plush...

Flair GP unveils its 2022 MonsterVerse Collection with all new figures and new look packaging

It is to be another monster year for Flair GP and Playmates Toys’ MonsterVerse licensed collection, with a host of new characters and lines...

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