Toy and games distributor Heathside Trading have announced a world-wide licensing deal for the Destination brand of board games. The deal was negotiated at the London Toy Fair and signed last week. 

The Destination London board game was notably featured on the original series of BBC’s Dragons Den and had success with many editions including regional, national and licensed editions including Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. 

Games creator Rachel Lowe had the idea for the game whilst working as a taxi driver to pay her way through university. The original game features taxis as playing pieces and the board depicts famous tourist destinations and landmarks for each city. Players collect fares from the destinations on the board whilst trying to avoid traffic lights or running out of fuel. The player to collect the most fares wins the game. 

Lowe says “I am delighted to be working with Heathside again. They have global distribution channels and will build the portfolio of Destination games to include international editions as well as new co-branded variations.” 

Heathside partnered with Rachel Lowe previously when she launched the official Jumanji Board Game and achieved industry recognition with Game of the Year being presented by the Toy Industry Awards in 2019. 

Max Nelson of Heathside comments: “We are so excited to be bringing yet another iconic brand into our portfolio, the strength of this brand over the years has allowed for both license and iconic Destinations to be released, and this is something we plan to expand on going forward.’’ 

National editions of the Destination game are expected to hit the shelves later this year with the international editions launching in 2023 ahead of the 20th Anniversary celebratory editions of the brand in 2024.

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