Vivid Goliath Group said: ‘This engagement with the digital content is a massive show of support of the consumer appetite for this growing eco-segment.’

The channel will continue to expand online and showcase a mixture of music videos and animated comedy shorts, with the latest video answering the age-old question: does pineapple belong on pizza? The content will allow kids to learn more about their Recyclings characters and personalities, with new content landing every month.

Billed as the world’s first collectable to be made from recycled plastic, Recyclings is hitting shelves now with a comprehensive marketing campaign launching in February with a full range TVC [television commercial] across key kids’ channels to introduce viewers to the fun and eco-friendly ethos of the brand.

Recyclings will also be talking to kids on their favourite games and apps and, not forgetting the grown-ups, the parent influencer network will highlight the products with creative content across social media sites.

Vivid Goliath Group senior brand manager Chloe Burrowes said: “We couldn’t ask for a better first reaction to the Recyclings range. It’s clear that the collectable fun and sustainable message is already resonating, and we’re ready to bring our message to wider audiences with our launch marketing campaign. Whether consumers are watching our TV commercial, exploring our YouTube channel (and catchy earworms to match) or engaging with an influencer’s review on Instagram, they will definitely be aware of the world of Recyclings!”

The cute and collectable Recyclings characters are made from 70% recycled plastic – making playtime matter, by making a difference! Each Recycling saves five (average based on weight) bottle caps from landfill which not only means guilt-free collecting but also educates kids on sustainability through the fun and magical world of Recyclings.

From Dumplings to Dragons, Hotdogs to Handbags, and Popcorn to Pandas, there are more than 90 Recyclings to collect in the first season. Find the limited edition Recyclings – Glittery Shooting Star, Golden Treasure Chest or Glowing Ghost – to make your collection even more exciting!

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