The red carpet multimedia event in London for the launch of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire presented the perfect opportunity for fans to experience the magic of Simba’s awesome Godzilla x Kong Heat-Ray Breath RC, too, as Con from proved last night. 

As avid fans of the Godzilla franchise, movie pundits Nick Gibbs-McNeil and his son Con, of Kidzcoolit have been working with Simba Smoby UK to give their very special take of the new Godzilla RC, through March, with socials, sponsorship and videos on their platform. But, as guests of the red carpet event, they thought they would have a little fun.

“The latest film premiere offered a great opportunity to get the Godzilla RC seen by MonsterVerse fans”

Ben Hogg, Head of Marketing Simba Smoby UK

“Since the first time we saw the RC Godzilla at Toy Fair, we’ve wanted to get our hands on one,” said Nick Gibbs. “It’s such an incredible toy – the whip tail and atomic breath actions are just too cool.

“Tonight we took him onto the Godzilla x Kong red carpet in London for all our media friends to have play with him, and in true Godzilla style he brought the house down! ” 

Ben Hogg, Head of Marketing at Simba Smoby UK, said: “The latest film premiere offered a great opportunity to get the Godzilla RC seen by MonsterVerse fans. The family behind Kidzcoolit did a wonderful job of showing off its features – its walking functionality, its moving tail and light-up eyes… and of course the figure’s atomic breath and sound effects! It’s the ultimate collector’s toy and this is only going to further drive demand.”

For more information, email the Simba Smoby UK team at or call 01620 674 778.

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