Simba Smoby Toys UK has announced that it is to take the Smoby brand to Gloworm Festival this year, as part of its family-focused marketing calendar.

Smoby’s official sponsorship of Gloworm Festival will see the brand celebrate the Gloworm ethos of playing in a warm, welcoming and creative environment, via a dedicated Smoby Play Zone. During the two-day-long event, which will take place this August, festival goers will be invited to pop along to the Smoby Play Zone to enjoy a brilliantly fun selection of Smoby’s roleplay toys and playhouses, whilst also giving little ones the opportunity to zoom down some awesome Smoby slides!

Speaking of the company’s plans for the Smoby brand, Mayur Pattni, UK Marketing Manager at Simba Smoby Toys UK, said: “The past two years’ awareness drive for Smoby has been tremendously successful. We want to build on this success, with family-focused activities, that will continue to support brand awareness, whilst driving brand loyalty and retail sales.

“The past two years’ awareness drive for Smoby has been tremendously successful”

Mayur Pattni, UK Marketing Manager at Simba Smoby Toys UK

“As an official sponsor for Gloworm Festival, we have the opportunity to take Smoby directly to the family space! We can’t wait to engage with families at Gloworm this year, and show them what play, the Smoby way, is all about! We hope to bring many Smoby Smiles to the festival.”

Richard Walpole, Gloworm Festival Director, said: “This year’s festival is already on its way to selling out, and we’re so excited that Smoby will be joining us this year. 20,000 people are set to attend Gloworm over the course of the event, and after two years of being stuck inside, due to the various lockdowns, we are really looking forward to engaging in some outdoor creative play in the Smoby Play Zone!”

This newly announced partnership with Gloworm Festival forms part of the firm’s wider 2022 marketing campaigns, for the Smoby brand, which also includes TV, football advertising, digital support, and more.

A TV campaign for Smoby’s outdoor range is currently live, having kicked off on 16 May 2022; this will run for a three-week burst. One week after this campaign ends, a second three-week campaign will run for Smoby’s playhouse portfolio. Another TV campaign is scheduled for November to showcase Smoby’s workbenches, kitchens, and the all-new Barber Shop and Beauty Centre, just in time for Christmas gifting.

Meanwhile, following the success of Smoby’s family football advertising with the Premier League and FA Cup, the company has announced that is to run an additional Premier League campaign between September and November. This will mean that millions more fans will experience the Smoby Smile LED brand advertising via the pitch-side boards.

The company will also continue to build on Smoby’s significant presence in the digital space, using monthly initiatives to increase the already high levels of engagement on its own social channels, whilst also taking the Smoby brand to parents through influencer and celebrity engagement. Plus, the company will also continue to invest in parent- and kid-facing YouTube preroll.

To contact the Simba Smoby Toys UK team, please email or call 01620 674 778.

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