Participation in Corporate Volunteering Day in Nuremberg has been firmly established in the calendar of Spielwarenmesse eG for many years. So on 5 July, 20 colleagues once again joined in with the voluntary work. On the programme this time was a facelift for the fence at the ‘Haus für Kinder’ nursery, through the use of painted wooden panels.

Corporate Volunteering Day is arranged by the City of Nuremberg and organised by the network ‘Unternehmen Ehrensache IN AKTION’. It is a day on which companies based in Nuremberg are asked to support a variety of projects. The event is designed in particular to benefit institutions that do not have the resources to implement the projects themselves.

For the project ‘Fence Design at Haus für Kinder’, the team from Spielwarenmesse eG left their desks behind and swapped their screens, keyboards and mice for drills, saws and paintbrushes. A range of educational care is available for up to 140 children in nursery school and after-school care at the institution on Ritter-von-Schuh-Platz in central Nuremberg. They, too, enjoyed the event. The collective campaign of sawing, drilling and painting went on all day. The site had previously been surrounded by a simple metal fence but with its coloured wooden fence panels it now has a much friendlier feel.

 Spielwarenmesse eG provides energetic support for Corporate Volunteering Day

Participation by the team from Spielwarenmesse eG is part of corporate social responsibility that has been part of the company’s philosophy for many years. Christian Ulrich, Spokesperson of the Executive Board of Spielwarenmesse eG, explains: “The Board is very happy to support our team’s voluntary involvement. Being able to accomplish something together is a great thing. With this work effort, help goes directly to where it’s needed.”

  • Social engagement for the benefit of Nuremberg’s institutions
  • New garden fence for ‘Haus für Kinder’

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