Chris Dartnell, manager of Squire’s Garden Centre in Washington, West Sussex, has written a children’s book called ‘Most animals like to…’, with illustrations by Helz Cuppleditch who also works at Squire’s.

The book is aimed at children aged from three to five and is about animals who have fun yet unusual habits which are reflected in their names, so there’s Cheddar the mouse, Howler the dog, Chippy the seagull and Suds the cat, to name but a few. 

Chris, who has been manager of Squire’s Garden Centre in Washington for nine years, said: “I was inspired to write this book when I saw my cat drinking from the sink tap one day, and I thought it would be fun to write about the unusual habits that animals have. Some of my inspiration also came from the Pets & Aquatics department at Squire’s in Washington, as we have a great selection of furry animals as well as reptiles and fish. It’s very exciting to see my book for sale at Squire’s! Massive thanks go to my colleague Helz Cuppleditch who did all the beautiful illustrations in the book, which really brings it to life.”

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