A new study by kids, youth and family research agency Giraffe Insights and YouTube advertising platform Precise TV reveals that children aged between two and 12-years-old recall ads on YouTube two times more often than ads on broadcast TV.

In a survey of 2,000 families, 70% of kids said they recall ads on YouTube. In contrast, only 35% of respondents recall ads on broadcast TV.

Precise TV co-founder and chairman Christian Dankl said: “The convergent TV revolution is upon us. As the traditional TV, streaming and online premium video worlds coalesce, YouTube is the dominant catch-all for advertisers coveting audiences online and via connected TVs.”

YouTube is the most popular way that U.S. kids consume content (85%), followed by Video On Demand (71%), and gaming (60%). In contrast, kids are least interested in esports (13%), magazines/catalogues (16%) and trips to the cinema (17%).

When kids were asked to recall where they saw advertised items that they asked their parents to buy for them, YouTube was the overwhelming answer (34%) followed by broadcast TV (15%) and in-store (9%). This was largely backed up by parents. When parents were asked where they had seen ads that led to purchased items for their children, they said YouTube (25%), followed by broadcast TV (12%) and online websites (10%).

Precise TV VP of Kids Media Program Sales U.S. Holly Paxman Gibb commented: “This study, which we run biannually with Giraffe Insights, is key in helping us track trends in viewing behavior over time. We are able to identify new platforms and behaviours as they emerge, to inform digital marketing strategies that cut through and deliver ROI.

“We’ve known for years that kids are watching YouTube above all other online video platforms. But with this study, we can now link those viewing habits to purchasing decisions. By plugging this data into a contextual targeting platform, it allows brands to ensure they’re reaching a convertible audience before even launching a campaign.”

Giraffe Insights managing director Maxine Fox added: “This exciting piece of research comes at a time where brands need to understand and respond to the changing environment and the impact this is having on kids’ viewing. Our study revealed 35% of kids only access content via YouTube, online sites, social media, gaming, and Video On Demand platforms. That means that if brands and advertisers are not focusing on a digital-first strategy, they are missing at least a third of their desired audience from the outset.”

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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