The boredom busting Busy Play 9 piece collection from Edx Education has been designed for learning and play on-the-go, in eco-friendly packaging measuring just 17.5cm x 15.3cm x 7.5cm, to inspire discovery and learning, anytime and is suitable for ages 18m – 5 years plus, and priced at just £12.99 – £14.99 per set, this new range offers families purse-friendly mini versions of their best-selling maths and STEAM collections, to keep children entertained for hours, without a screen in sight!

The collection includes the Busy Play Geo Pegs, Busy Play Nuts & Bolts,  Busy Play GeoStix, Busy Play Number Rods, Busy Play Pattern Blocks, Busy Play Tangram, Busy Play Skeletal, Busy Play Pentominoes and Busy Play Colour Tiles. All sets are designed to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving as well as sparking imagination and curiosity.

For more information, please contact Edx Education on 01949 844 117 or

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