The kids’ online safety company joins the maker of Fortnite, but remains a standalone company

Epic Games has acquired SuperAwesome, the technology company whose software makes online transactions and digital platforms safer for kids.

The transaction will bring SuperAwesome under the Epic Games umbrella, while remaining a standalone company. Toy brands that currently use the safety platform, such as Hasbro and LEGO, will continue to receive support, and kids’ brands and content houses that partner with SuperAwesome in the future will benefit from the increased power and scale of Epic Games. Dylan Collins, CEO and Co-Founder of London-based SuperAwesome, says: “There will be no change to our business or our focus: providing you with kidtech solutions to ensure safe digital engagement with the under-16 audience everywhere.

The only difference is we are now powered by the scale and support of Epic Games.” Epic is the company behind Fortnite, and is currently fighting Apple in court over alleged anti-competition practices. Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO, Epic Games, says: ““SuperAwesome is the company developers want to work with to make better online content for kids. We share the belief that digital experiences are better when you go the extra mile to respect privacy and we’re thrilled to invest in this future alongside

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