Spin Master’s fingerboard brand Tech Deck will be one of the sponsors for the 2022 National Championships

Taking place over two weekends next month, the 2022 Skateboard GB x Habito National Championships has announced that fingerboarding brand, Tech Deck, will be one of the official sponsors for the competition. Tech Deck, owned by children’s entertainment company, Spin Master, is the global leader in fingerboarding, creating working replicas of skateboards that enthusiasts ‘ride’ by mastering tricks and manoeuvres with their fingers. 

The 2022 National Championships will feature some of the world’s best skateboarders, including Andy MacDonald, Team GB’s Olympic competitor, Bombette Martin, and last year’s park competition winner, Alex Hallford. Held over the weekends of 9th and 10th April and 23rd and 24th April, the qualifiers will be in with a chance of winning a combined prize fund of £26,000.

This year, the National Championships will introduce a new format and two new destinations. The Park discipline finals will be hosted in Hemel Hempstead on 10th April, and the Steet discipline finals will be held in London on 24th April. 

“Tech Deck shares a passion for and commitment to growing and celebrating the sport and culture of skateboarding,” said Adam Hyman, VP Marketing and Global Business Unit Lead, Wheels and Action at Spin Master. “Tech Deck offers a range of expertly designed fingerboards, ramps and playsets that provide kids and adult fans with a unique skateboarding outlet to practice their skills. We are pleased to be sponsoring the Skateboard GB x Habito National Championships, bringing the fun and excitement of the competition home.”  

Widely recognised in the skateboarding community, Tech Deck has developed a loyal following of skilled fingerboarders, collectors and kids, and will now be a fan-favourite at the Skateboard GB x Habito National Championships. 

Tom Adams, Head of Commercial Partnerships said “Spin Master has supported the Skateboard GB National Championships for the last three years, and we are delighted to be working with them again for 2022’s Park competition. Tech Deck is such an iconic brand and is synonymous with skateboarding. From early conversations it was clear Spin Master recognised the value of aligning the Tech Deck brand to the National Championships, as the reach and profile of the competitions continue to grow, and the broadcasts are so widely watched. We are very thankful for their support and look forward to another successful competition with Tech Deck branding featuring in key locations”

For more on the Tech Deck range, visit www.spinmaster.com and for more information, contact spinmaster@stripecommunications.com

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