Thames & Kosmos enjoyed a great 2021 and is bursting with new games and science kits for 2022.

The company is excited to launch its new range of STEM robots. ReBotz is a fun way to introduce children to the world of engineering; this range of four funky robots are fast and easy to build. They demonstrate wheels, cams, and motors in action, and are powered by an electric motor. Collect the full set of Halfpipe, Pogo, Knox and Scootz and combine parts to build your own creations. 

Plus, the Creatto range is growing. There are now 10 sets for budding artists to piece together into light-up animals and structures. With a range of sizes and step-by-step video tutorials, Creatto is aimed at kids aged 10 years-plus.

Thames & Kosmos is also adding two more titles to its best-selling Exit escape room range in 2022. Exit: Shadows over Middle-earth is a Lord of the Rings-inspired game and Exit: Return to the Abandoned Cabin celebrates the five-year anniversary of the company’s first title in the Exit range.

What’s more, in autumn Thames & Kosmos will be distributing a new Exit Advent Calendar game. This year’s calendar, The Mystery of the Ice Cave, sold out in October and the company anticipates that The Hunt for the Golden Book will enjoy similar success.

Meanwhile, the Lost Spells jigsaw puzzle was a huge hit in Q4 2021 and features the award-winning artwork of Jackie Morris and words by poet and author Robert Macfarlane. This is a surefire winner for puzzlers and nature lovers alike.

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