It’s the one you’ve been waiting for, a Ticket to Ride for our younger fans. So get ready to jump on board and help them embark on an exciting yet chilling journey with Ticket to Ride: Ghost Train.

This game is easy to learn and quick to play for all the family. You’ll collect Parade Float cards to claim routes on the map whilst trying to visit different locations in this hair-raising town.

From the Mad Scientist’s Lab to the Gingerbread House and on to the Lonely Barn, players will have to make connections between locations on the map. Only time will tell if you succeed in getting the Trick or Treat bonus along the way! And prepare yourselves, because going from the Dark Forest to the Seashore region can be a little eerie in this ghostly atmosphere.

Asmodee Head of Marketing James Arnold was keen to share: “Despite the ghostly theme, we promise there’s nothing too scary about this ghost or the game as a whole and younger children will love it. You can have up to four players and a game usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes – perfect for those afternoons and evenings in.”

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