The inaugural awards celebrate toys and practices that help kids better navigate life and the health of the planet

Toy Industries of Europe has named the winners of its first Play For Change Awards, which recognise the toys and industry practices that best help children prepare to navigate the world with respect for both themselves and others, and the health of the planet. Nominees were entered into three categories: empowerment, environmental sustainability, and future skills. A dedicated, independent jury of experts across disability rights, sustainability, education and play, and the toy industry judged each category.
Catherine Van Reeth, Director General of TIE, said: “We want the Play For Change Awards to become an annual celebration, driving further innovation and change within our industry. As the initiative gets better known and more established, our aim is that a Play for Change award becomes something to aspire to: a recognisable sign of achievement in creating toys for a better world.”

The winners of the 2020 Play For Change Awards are:

Empowerment category – Recognising activities and toys that break boundaries based on outdated ‘norms’ of social status, ability, sex, race or religion:
Gold Award: Mattel for The Barbie Empowerment Project Silver Award: Twin Science and Robotics for the Twin Science Kit for the Visually Impaired Bronze Award: Mattel for Creatable World
Environmental Sustainability category – For initiatives and/or toys that educate about sustainability or deploy environmentally sustainable practices.
Gold Award: Hasbro for the Hasbro Recycling Project Silver Award: Dantoy for BIO toys Joint Bronze Award: Clementoni for the Sequence Puzzle, and Allingham Games with The Good Life
Future Skills category – Recognising an initiative or product that prepares children for tomorrow’s world.
Gold Award: Learning Resources for Artie 3000TM Silver Award: Chicco Artsana for Adventure Airlines Bronze Award: Geomag for Skyline New York

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