starring Olaf, Disney Pixar’s Coco, James and the Giant Peach and more!

tonies is set to wow little listeners of all ages with another month of exciting must-have releases, just as parents, grandparents and caregivers begin to shop for Christmas.

With a whizz and a bang, Roald Dahl returns to share children’s classic James and the Giant Peach on the magical storybox. Follow the extraordinary journey of an orphaned young boy called James, who finds himself on an unforgettable adventure inside a giant peach! Disney Pixar fans will jump for joy as huge box-office hit Disney’s Coco arrives at tonies, telling the captivating tale of 12-year-old Miguel on his musical journey to unravel a story of Mexican folklore, family and heritage.

Winter wouldn’t be the same without a little Frozen fever! Everybody’s favourite snowman, Disney’s Olaf arrives to make his debut on top of the Toniebox sharing two irresistible Disney Frozen featurettes together with five memorable songs Elsa and Anna fans will already know and love.

Preschoolers are in for a huge treat this month as tonies® relaunch their popular Animal Songs Tonie, chock-full of catchy animal-themed songs, the perfect soundtrack to any fun day. And that’s not all! The hit TV show Blue’s Clues & You Tonie takes preschoolers on an interactive adventure, where they’ll solve mini-mysteries, play games, listen for clues, and sing, tap and clap along to five catchy songs from the Blue’s Beat Band. Anytime is the perfect time for a playdate with Josh and Blue!

James and the Giant Peach
Running time: approx. 61 minutes, suitable for 6+

An orphaned young boy called James is sent to live with his two beastly aunts, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. James is sad and lonely with not one friend in the whole world, until one day, at the end of the garden, a peach begins to grow. Curious, James soon finds himself inside the giant peach where he meets a bunch of friendly insects waiting to take him on a magical adventure.

Disney Coco
Running time: approx. 46 minutes, suitable for 3+

Coco tells the story of an aspiring young musician, Miguel. When confronted with his family’s generations-old ban on music, Miguel finds himself transported to the Land of the Dead on a quest to find his great-great-grandfather, legendary singer Ernesto de la Cruz. On his fantastical adventure, he meets a new friend called Hector and together, they uncover the secrets of his ancestors.

Disney Frozen Olaf
Running time: approx. 30 minutes, suitable for 3+

Frozen fans are going to love this two-part Tonie. Join Olaf and Kristoff for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure as they embark on a merry mission to bring Christmas cheer to sisters Elsa and Anna. And find out what happens when Elsa’s icy powers threaten to ruin Anna’s birthday celebrations in Frozen Fever – will Anna get her perfect day?

Animal Songs
Running time: approx. 45 minutes, suitable for 3+
A collection of catchy animal-themed songs that little listeners will love to sing along to, again and again.

Enjoy popular counting songs such as ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ and fingerplay songs including ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Blue’s Clues & You
Running time: approx. 44 minutes, suitable for 3+

Blue and Josh are ready to play Blue’s Clues… with YOU! On this interactive adventure, you’ll problem-solve, listen for clues and sing awesome songs.

Learn all about rhythm and tempo as you sing, tap and clap along to Blue’s Beat Band. Sing the ABC Song and find out why each letter of the alphabet is special and join the neighbourhood heroes as they help everybody they meet.

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