Tonies launches Shrek, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Favourite Masterpieces

The children’s audio systemtonies has added six new Tonies to its extensive range of stories, songs, and audio.

Expanding the tonies’ Disney range, Minnie and Mickey Mouse will be joining the family with Mickey and Friends and Minnie: When We Grow Up,introducing little listeners to two of Disney’s oldest and most loved characters.

Everybody’s favourite grumpy ogre, Shrek, will also be coming to tonies with the Dreamworks story of dragons, donkeys, and fairy tale characters.

Finally, tonies is releasing the new Favourite Masterpieces collection, to introduce children to stories from operas and ballets. Youngsters will love the tales and music behind The Magic Flute, The Nutcracker, and Hansel and Gretel.

The company said: ‘Parents will be searching for ways to entertain and inspire their children indoors as the weather turns colder. The new Tonies will allow them to play independently and lose themselves in hours of immersive, engaging new content, which is totally screen-free.’

Here are full details of the new Tonies:


Running time: approx. 90 minutes, suitable for children aged six-plus.

Once upon a time, a grumpy ogre named Shrek finds his quiet swamp suddenly overrun with fairy tale creatures, banished from their kingdom by evil Lord Farquaad. To get his land back, Shrek agrees to rescue Princess Fiona from a fire-breathing dragon and return her to Lord Farquaad, so he can marry her and become a true king.

With the help of a fast-talking donkey, Shrek sets out on his quest, encountering much more than he bargained for when the princess reveals her deep, dark secret.

Mickey and Friends

Running time: approx. 38 minutes, suitable for children aged four-plus.

Mysterious travellers on the Overland Express are after Goofy’s valuable set of comic books. Can Goofy get the books to the comic book show or will a Master Thief steal them first? Only you can help Mickey solve the crime. Mickey Mouse and his pals embark on yet another adventure while showing us the true meaning of long-lasting friendship.

Minnie: When We Grow Up

Running time: approx. 20 minutes, suitable for children aged five-plus.

A fantastic introduction to Minnie Mouse, little ones will delight in this heartwarming story from Walt Disney. When We Grow Up tells the tale of Minnie and her best friend, as they embark on an imaginary adventure of all the wonderful things they might be when they grow up. The story is accompanied by a selection of Minnie Mouse’s most popular songs, including familiar nursery rhymes that children will already know and love.

Favourite Masterpieces – The Magic Flute

Running time: approx. 44 minutes, suitable for children aged five-plus.

Mozart’s classic opera The Magic Flute follows the adventures of Prince Tamino and his friend Papageno on their quest to rescue Princess Pamina, who is imprisoned in a castle. A fairy tale about darkness and light, Prince Tamino soon discovers that nothing is quite as it seems. Children will delight in this story with its accompanying music and arias, as well as learning about one of the world’s greatest composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

 Favourite Masterpieces – The Nutcracker

Running time: approx. 46 minutes, suitable for children aged five-plus.

On a snowy Christmas Eve in Edwardian London, Clara receives a nutcracker as a present from her godfather. That night, when she goes to sleep, Clara dreams that the nutcracker and his toy soldiers come to life to wage a battle against the army of the evil Mouse King. Children are set to be enchanted by the music from this famous ballet as they enjoy this festive adventure.

Favourite Masterpieces – Hansel and Gretel

Running time: approx. 45 minutes, suitable for children aged five-plus.

Based on the original fairy tale by Brothers Grimm, this opera tells the tale of Hansel and Gretel, who are sent into the forest by their mother to pick strawberries for supper. They find themselves lost after dark and wake up outside the house of an evil old witch. She casts a spell on the children and plans to bake them into gingerbread, but Gretel outwits the witch, and the two children escape. Children will love the thrill of this classic story, as well as learning more about composer Engelbert Humperdinck, and hearing some of his music and songs, sung in their original language, German.

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