tonies launches Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Octonauts, and 101 Dalmatians

tonies launches Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Octonauts, and 101 Dalmatians

This month, children’s audio system tonies is adding four lovable characters to its extensive family of Tonies. Following National Storytelling Week (January 30 – February 6) igniting children’s passion for stories, the new Tonies are sure to keep the fire alight, promising to entertain and educate.

The captured Princess Rapunzel is the latest addition to the Disney tonies collection with the new Tangled Tonie. Follow along on Rapunzel’s journey to freedom with three enchanting songs and the memorable Disney story.

Rapunzel is joined by fellow Disney Princess Tiana, who tells the tale of finding her dreams and ‘the one’. Through audio and song, Tiana’s journey to break the spell she is under will touch young hearts and teach the magic of true love.

Focused on their mission, The Octonauts are accompanied by Captain Barnacles Bear, Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin, while they explore the deep blue sea. The interactive, fun and entertain songs will transport little ones to the ocean, helping them to learn about the many different creatures that live in the sea.

With the nostalgic favourite 101 Dalmatians, little listeners can join the rescue mission to end Cruella De Vil’s evil plan to dognap the 15 adorable Dalmatian puppies. This action-packed Tonie will immerse children in the chaotic world of Perdita and Pongo’s pups and keep them hooked until the very end.  

Here are full details of the new Tonies:

Disney Tangled

Running time: approx. 30 minutes. Suitable for children aged three-plus. Narrated by Cindy Robinson

When the kingdom’s most wanted – and most charming – bandit Flynn Rider hides in a mysterious tower, the last person he expects to find is Rapunzel, the lost princess with magical golden hair. The unlikely pair escape the tower and set off on an adventure of self-discovery, filled with surprising heroes, laughter, enlightenment, and suspense.

Disney Princess and the Frog

Running time: approx. 31 minutes. Suitable for children aged four-plus. Narrated by Cindy Robinson.

Discover what happened after the princess kissed the frog! Tiana’s dreams of opening her own restaurant in New Orleans are dashed when she’s persuaded to kiss a frog who really is a prince. The adventure begins when the plan backfires, and Tiana turns into a frog. To break the spell before it’s too late, the unlikely pair embark on a quest through the mystical bayous of Louisiana to seek the help of a powerful voodoo priestess, encountering frogs, singing alligators and lovesick fireflies along the way.


Running time: approx. 77 minutes. Suitable for children aged three-plus.

The Octonauts is a dynamic team of quirky and courageous undersea explorers, always ready to dive into action to rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean. Buoyed by the companionship of three leading characters – Captain Barnacles Bear, Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin – every day with the Octonauts is an exciting opportunity to embark on a new mission.

Disney 101 Dalmatians

Running time: approx. 17 minutes. Suitable for children aged three-plus. Narrated by Michael Gough.

Pongo and Perdita’s litter of 15 Dalmatian puppies are dognapped by the eccentric, fashion-obsessed heiress Cruella De Vil. The pups’ parents waste no time in mounting a dramatic rescue mission to find them and thwart Cruella’s evil plans to turn them all into a spotted fur coat. Have they bitten off more than they can chew, or will they find the pups in time?

The new Tonies will be available from selected toy retailers via from February 9.

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