Toymaster are strengthening their team with a few changes, in a received press release Toymaster MD Yogi Parmar commented:

“As we continually look to improve the service we offer to our Members and Suppliers, some of the roles performed by members of the team here in the office have evolved. We have updated their job titles to clarify their responsibilites, both internally & externally, to fit more in line with the roles they are fulfilling.

“In order to better reflect the role Paul Reader undertakes within Toymaster, we have changed his job title from Marketing Director to Commercial Director. Paul’s day-to-day responsibilities will not change, and he will continue to grow and develop our relationship with Suppliers, Licensors and other external partners to the benefit of our Members.

“Jess Porter’s title will change from Marketing Co- ordinator to Product Co-ordinator. Jess is responsible for co-ordinating the product submissions and other associated information from our Suppliers for our Catalogues, Product Hub, Window Features and any other Marketing activity.

“Kayleigh Wilson’s title will change from Marketing Co- ordinator to Communications Co-ordinator, with the responsibility for managing the communications we send out, both internally and externally, to our Members, Suppliers and other external partners.

“I would like to wish Paul, Jess and Kayleigh continued success in their roles.”

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