No need to be scared as Halloween approaches, as we enter October, the latest issue of Toys ‘n’ Playthings has landed.

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Puppet Company

We’ve got major features looking at the current state of play of the preschool and infants market, as well as a hefty feature on character licensed merchandise too. As well as assessing what’s happening in these two key sectors, we’re also covering off key product and launches from the major players in the business.

There’s also profiles of two key independent retailers and a look at Hamleys as the beloved brand unveiled the Christmas top 10 at its flagship West End store.

We look at MV Sports and how the company is literally going to be on the MoVe, and go influencer potty at the Big Christmas Press Show.
There’s news a plenty and tons of product too, as well as our regular columnists on the retail side.

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